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ADS Consult's founder Christina Vlosich, CDP, ATP, PTA has had firsthand experience in owning and operating an Adult Day Center when she purchased and fully renovated a building to start her Adult Day Center. Christina has over 25 years of successful healthcare business experience including startups, operations, development, and management. Christina has had over 13 years compliance experience working as a Field Surveyor for a National Healthcare Accreditation Organization. 

Christina had remarkable success with networking and marketing her Adult Day Center. She has brought in great programs such as Tai Chi (an instructor herself), chair yoga and pop-up library to name a few. Christina has presented at NADSA's National Conferences as a co-presenter for "How to Start an Adult Day" 2018, "How to Open an Adult Day Center & Beyond: Sustain the Business After Opening" 2022 and "Tai Chi: a Falls Prevention Program" 2021 & 2022. She has spent a great deal of time educating her community on how vital Adult Day Services are to the aging population and caregivers.

Get to know Christina a little more in this video interview and see why she is so passionate about Adult Day Services. 


ADS Consult's vision is to provide guidance to those interested in starting an Adult Day Center and advance services of existing Adult Day Centers.  


  • ADS Start-Up

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Business Plans

  • Market Analysis

  • ADS Development

  • ​Operations Management

  • Accreditation Preparation​

  • Marketing and Networking Strategies​

  • Staff Development

  • Program Development

  • Coaching Services

  • Staff Training

  • Caregiver Support Programs

  • Evidenced-based Falls Prevention Programs 

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